Build your dream team

For Team Leaders

Human Reef supports team leaders to build cross-functional teams, to create a collaborative environment and to stimulate cross-team collaboration. Human Reef engages all employees for using their talent and taking the actions that will move progress, resulting in the achievement of common goals that are really important, despite the rush of the day.

Have you had enough of the old patterns of management that limit both the effectiveness and team engagement? Focus on what really matters and help people to take ownership to accomplish goals and to grow and develop their skills.


Increase Team Engagement and Commitment

Lead your team towards meaningful work by linking the organizational ambitions with your team activities. Give people the chance to take ownership of their self-proposed initiatives, actions or projects. Give people a voice by engaging them in the decision-making process and allowing to self-manage their workload. Let people leverage their talents by enabling internal application to (cross) team projects and learning initiatives.


Increase self-organization and deliver better results

Encourage self-organization within your team, give your team members the ability to take ownership and to hold accountable for taking the actions that really matter concerning the success of your organization. Quickly react to potential bottlenecks and avoid missing deadlines and commitments. Create a culture of commitment and involvement via diverse practices such as a weekly status, monthly updates, personal talks,...all short, to the point and highly productive.


Be connected with the whole organization

Have more insights on what other teams are doing and how they can help you. Increase the team alignment across the organization and avoid double work. Enable cross-team collaboration and involve talent across the entire organization. Link your team goals to the organizational higher purpose.


Need help?

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