Align teams, talent and organization

For C-level Managers

Human Reef supports C-level managers (HR managers included) to embrace Organizational Agility by bringing the strategy of the organization to live. Into teams that can organize themselves around strategic projects, initiatives and transformations, in an organic way, bottom-up and based on expertise, skills,... We believe that this is the only way that employees will take genuine ownership of the organizational ambitions and to align them with their own.

Agility is the ability to adapt and respond to change … agile organizations view change as an opportunity, not a threat.

By Jim Highsmith


Communicate Your Vision Through the Organization

Embrace transparency by involving everyone within the organization into the execution of the strategic ambitions by making your strategy tangible in order to encourage intrapreneurship which allows people to organize themselves to reach strategic goals and to lead needed change. Share your vision and inspire your employees to become real ambassadors.


Empower your people to thrive in turbulent times

Allow your teams and people to match and rematch themselves to the organizational ambitions based on their talents, skills, and expertise. Give them a clear overview, show them what talent is available so they can find each other and break through the silos of the organization to make your plans real and to change your way of working.


Create a culture of collaboration and commitment

Create a natural rhythm of accountability for your strategy execution or change by allowing teams to organize decision making. Start with your own team and use our progress boards to inspect the overall progress of the current ambitions and to adapt your plans continuously.


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