Our proven change approach

We developed our own unique change approach which combines the people side of change with the technical side of software implementation.

There are 8 steps to help you get ahead on your transformation journey

Vision creation

Vision creation is for those organization that want to transform, but don’t know exactly how and why. We will work out a shared vision on organizational agility with them and help them to communicate it within the whole organization.

Framework design

Through a series of design workshops with your senior management and your HR experts, we develop a framework to support your new agile organization. We will define working principles; we adapt your organizational structure step-by-step, we align it with your business goals,...etc.

Installation of certainty

It's very important not only to design a new framework but also to communicate it, so people don't get anxious and now what they can expect after the change is accomplished.

Governance setup

A new business operating system needs new governance. Before moving forward with the implementation, we setup governance together with the core team composed of your executive management.

Confidence encouragement

Before starting a pilot, we make sure that all the people who will be responsible for the pilot and will contribute are well-trained and well-aware for the upcoming change.


To make sure that we deliver a real impact we validate the solution with the end-user. We will also onboard them to get started smoothly.

Consistency support

Before starting the roll-out, we make sure that we have defined a clear roll-out strategy together with to core team to make sure that the change gets anchored and there is enough consistency towards the use of the system today and in the future.


Now we make it happen, end-to-end. We can offer all the skills to configure and implement the solution, from developers to organizational design and development experts.

The output you can expect from us is a solution that is:

  • Robust

  • Scalable

  • Fully secure

  • User and system validated

During roll-out we guarantee:

  • Knowledge transfer and training

  • General change support

  • Follow-up

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