Create organizational transparency and make all governance
and operations accessible to everyone, on-site as well as remotely.

Here’s how it works

GET (self)organized

Easily visualize and remodel your organizational structure as it evolves, through

A dynamic, multi-level, role-based org. chart & a powerful who is who

Dynamic org. chart

Build shared understanding of

Who is responsible for what and how each person’s contribution relates to the whole

Domain descriptions


Use a simple system for

Rapidly identifying, clarifying and passing on information about challenges and opportunities as they arise

Navigation on tensions

Make optimal use of COLLABORATION in meetings

Visualize, prioritize and organize your daily work and governance

Set-up, prepare and run meetings effectively and keep track of agreements you make

Real-time meetings

Support each other to LEARN and GROW

Collect regular feedback and act on development plans to

Grow your competencies and skills in teams and roles you are part of

Development plans
Peer reviews
Peer feedback

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