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Partnering with Prato to increase their organizational agility from jobs to roles

A lot of our customers (mostly midsized to large knowledge-heavy organizations) like Prato are looking for ways to support self-management and an agile way of working within their organization, based on roles instead of jobs.

Our Anemone platform not only helped them to guide the transformation to role-based team collaboration and people management but also to anchor their unique way of working itself.

Boost Transparency

Eliminate confusion, avoid duplicated work and unclear responsibilities with an easy-to-navigate, living, role-based org. charts which shows all your teams: project teams, communities, domains, ...

Streamline meetings

Sync up your teams, speed up decision making and convert tensions and needs into clear assignments and actions for your own team or in collaboration with other teams.

Master Self-organization

Empower your people to take ownership can be hard! Use our matchmaking algorithms, personal talks and other features to increase ownership and to create meaningful work for everyone involved.