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Strategy execution from startup to scale-up at StoryMe

StoryMe, a video strategy company based in Ghent, was looking for a new business operating model. They wanted to streamline some of the key processes and getting people more engaged by letting them contribute to the overall strategy and ambitions.

Research from Harvard Business Review confirms the fact that more than 40% of companies worldwide never reach their full growth potential because of a lack of efficient strategy execution. The reasons for this are a lack of a clear framework, a lack of alignment and a lack of employee engagement. Issues that StoryMe acknowledged and therefore reached out to Human Reef.

The first step we took was the creation of efficiency in strategy execution, transparency about who does what in the organization and clarity about the relationship between the organization, the teams and the employees. This avoided for StoryMe a lot of communication issues, confusion, and duplication in work that needed to be done.

The second step was about clarifying the roles and responsibilities for the entire organization (together with the teams), in which we aligned all employee responsibilities with the goal of the organization across the different teams.

Next was about introducing streamlined governance practices like meetings for business goal tracking, which made it easier for StoryMe to follow-up on the status and react more quickly when necessary.

Last but not least, we focused on increasing ownership by encouraging the employees to contribute to the company goals, to do the right things and to make the right decisions for the company. All this resulted in a higher level of involvement and retention. People got the opportunity to directly contribute to the overall strategy of the organization, their personal contribution became visible and got the attention it deserves.