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Implementation of a role based reward system at DPG Media

DPG Media is a group of media companies and well-known media brands (such as VTM, Het Laatste Nieuws, Q-Music,..), online services (, Livios,,..) and telecom companies ( Mobile Vikings, JIM Mobile,..). They were looking for a reward system which is adapted to their role-based structure.

Employees are taking different roles at the same time ( full-stack developer, scrum master,..), but most of the existing rewarding systems are job-based and do not take the different roles an employee executes into account.

People are also often working temporarily in a team on a new product or service, a continuous improvement project,... These roles are not described in a job description but deserve also attention for the effort and time spent and need to be evaluated and rewarded accordingly. DPG Media acknowledged this issue and wanted to install a role-based reward system with objective criteria.

We've helped them together with Hay to setup a role-based reward system.