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Creating a clear vision on organizational agility at Xylos

Xylos delivers as a IT solutions company strategic advice concerning digital transformation and other services regarding office 365, unified workplace, intelligent cloud solutions and IT infrastructure. For Xylos, creating more organizational agility by introducing self-organizing teams was a top priority. This change project asked for a structured approach, which started with a hands-on and goal-oriented workshop together with the management team. We've defined a clear vision on organizational agility and determined the specific needs and priorities concerning organizational agility for Xylos.


During the analysis phase, we used our Company Agility Scan, which gives a clear image on the level of agility regarding 6 domains: DNA, structure, leadership, mindset, alignment and efficiency. We also took into account hampering elements and risks which could possibly stand in the way of more agility.

All these elements resulted in a powerful and inspirational workshop together with the management with a strong focus on co-creation. Our role as an Agile expert was to monitor the process, facilitate and get the conversation going. At the end of the workshop, we came to a focused strategy for more agility supported by the whole management team.


The second phases were all about the implementation of the new vision on organizational agility:

  • Refining the DNA: purpose, values and desired behaviors.

  • Setting up the appropriate structures and processes based on the Human Reef Growify© modal.

  • Creating self-organization by working on:

    • Agile leadership.

    • Mindset (learning from mistakes, adjust, coach, working on mutual trust, guarding company culture, coping with resistance).

    • Alignment (formulate team and personal goals in alignment with the company goals)

    • Efficiency (collaboration between teams, organizing tasks based on scrum).


After this last phase, the management team of Xylos was able to practice what they've learned due to several coaching and training sessions and the tools we've provided for them.