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Partnering with Attentia to create transparency on their roles and priorities

Attentia, an employers' social-accounting secretariat specialized in well-being, prevention and HR services, was looking to more efficient ways for strategy execution based on a new service modal.

Research from Harvard Business Review confirms the fact that more than 40% of companies worldwide never reach their full growth potential because of a lack of efficient strategy execution. The reasons for this are a lack of a clear framework, the lack of alignment and the lack of employee engagement. An issue that Attentia acknowledged and therefore reached out to Human Reef.

Our unique philosophy and effective methodology dramatically improved the effectiveness of the strategy execution within the new service modal of Attentia's employers' social-accounting secretariat.

We’ve optimized the strategy execution by:

  • Providing clarity to all staff about the mission, priorities, ambitions, expectations and the global organizational structure.

  • Clarifying the different roles and responsibilities.

  • Faster and better decision making within a ‘business operating system’, in this case, their new service modal.

  • Guiding people and teams in their personal growth based on a personal development plan.

  • Enabling personal growth as an accelerator for achieving company goals.

  • Revealing dysfunctions in their strategy executions.