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Adaptation of Sociocracy at Mediagenix

“No other system manages to represent our complex and dynamic organisation structure as faithfully as the Anemone platform of Human Reef. It can also handle our Sociocracy-based meeting workflow, a task our previous tools have never quite been equal to.”

By Wannes Nijs, software engineer at Mediagenix

Some of our customers (mostly medium to large knowledge-heavy organizations) like Mediagenix have adopted Sociocracy ( or Holacracy) within their organization

Our Anemone platform supports the adoption of Sociocracy, Holacracy and other related models.
It empowers teams and people to make self-management thrive within your organization based on Holacracy/Sociocracy practices.

*Sociocracy and Holacracy are radical new ways of running and scaling organizations,
based on decentralized management and organizational governance

Boost Transparency

Eliminate confusion, avoid duplicated work and unclear responsibilities with an easy-to-navigate, living, role-based org. charts which shows all your teams: project teams, communities, domains, ...

Streamline meetings

Sync up your teams, speed up decision making and convert tensions and needs into clear assignments and actions for your own team or in collaboration with other teams.

Master Self-Organization

Empower your people to take ownership can be hard! Use our matchmaking algorithms, personal talks and other features to increase ownership and to create meaningful work for everyone involved.