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The 4 Progress Report Templates

Every organization aims for progress and strives for reaching their strategic goals. However, recent research of Brightline Initiative revealed that only 20% of all organizations worldwide are able to achieve 80% or more of their strategic ambitions. The reason behind this often lays in the fact that we’re too busy with our everyday struggle to get things done that we lose our focus to make real progress towards the organizational ambitions that really matter.

How can we monitor and keep the focus on the progress of the strategic ambitions?

Based on our own experience with many organizations we’ve realized that in order to fulfil the organizational ambitions, they should develop their own particular rhythm of progression. Just like there is the rhythm of the seasons, night and day, also need an organizational rhythm. It’s the stability you need to get through turbulent times and take giant leaps forward to what’s really needed. It might sound like a contradiction but if you want to enable Organizational Agility you surely need stability in order to be able to adapt continuously and take steps forward to what your organization really needs now. Holding frequent status report meetings stimulates accountability among teams and their members for the fulfilment of the strategic ambitions.

How to get started?

Most organizations develop their own rhythm over time, however, to help you get started we’ve created four status report templates. Each template has its own frequency and questions which together form a solid base for the organizational rhythm. It’s crucial to share these templates with your employees as they are working on fulfilling the organizational ambitions. Download our free template here.

Hold a weekly update meeting in your team. It helps you to improve communication, eliminate other meetings, identify impediments and encourage quick decision-making.

By Wendy Van Camp

Two tips:

  • Never start a status meeting, when not everyone has prepared the meeting and filled in the template. If so, delay the meeting for 5’ and start then, it will save time and get everyone involved.
  • Hold a Daily report stand-up in your team. It helps you to improve communication, eliminate other meetings, identify impediments and encourage quick decision-making. Quickly ask three simple questions: “What did you do yesterday?”, “What are you going to do today?” and “Are there any impediments holding you back?”.

“Daily standups improves interaction with all team members and is a good way to find solutions for certain issues. It keeps the team innovative, aligned and on the right track.”

By Ennio Weckx

Do you have to fill in manual templates?

No, our software is there to help you monitor the progress of your organizational ambitions.
With our Build-in practice configurator, we’re not only ensuring full meeting engagement but also helping the organization to define their rhythm towards success. With Human Reef, you are able to boost your progress with at least 25%.