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Impressions from Silicon Valley (Part III): Not only about work

Two weeks ago I spent four days in Silicon Valley & San Francisico. I took part in the 'Work in progress' inspiration tour of Nexxworks.

I enjoyed it so much that I would like to share some of my insights.

In this last part*, I would like to take you on a short tour with some of the most striking innovations that came along on our trip.

*The first part was about the major HR trends that are currently hot in 'The Bay Area' and that will undoubtedly have an impact in the near future

*The second part was about, future-fit leadership.


The ‘self-driving car’

Amazon Go
The grocery store without cash registers and staff

Cafex - The ‘robot barista’

The impossible burger

100% taste and appearance of meat, no meat

Controlling a drone with your thoughts

The therapeutic game for FDA approval