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Software for Sociocracy (S3) and beyond

You want to distribute leadership in your organization? A governance model that enables everyone to take up more ownership? A way of working that supports equivalence and transparency? A way to use consent decision making and work with continuous improvement?

Orgwise facilitates self-governance and self-organization.
It helps you and your coworkers to truly navigate via tension. So you can effectively make use of all collective intelligence and share leadership.

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Enable autonomy wherever possible and collaboration when it counts, with Orgwise.

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Orgwise helps you to

Get (self)organized

Orgwise guides you into developing and structuring your organization the way you want it to be. It enables you to visualize the whole ecosystem in a clear and organic way. It helps you to describe what needs to be done and to move around ideas and work to the right people so it gets done once.

Make better decisions faster

Orgwise facilitates you to integrate everyone's wisdom (ideas, experience, and expertise). It helps you to create transparency and flow information and influence throughout the organization. You can effectively review past decisions and get notified about new or updated decisions that affect you, so you have a chance to respond.

Make optimal use of meetings

Orgwise helps you to collect input from everyone that needs to be involved before the meeting starts. It helps you to save time in taking meeting notes and it allows you to collaborate with your colleagues in real-time during the meeting.

Help each other grow

Orgwise helps teams and individuals to organize peer development. It enables you to collect feedback on your (team)performance and to create and consent to a development plan, so you can consciously grow together.