Employee enablement platform that creates meaningful work via the generation of teams that are


The purpose of the Human Reef platform is to be human-centric in simplifying the process of enabling the right people, matching needs with skills, collaborate across an organization and building versatile teams.

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Build your dream team

Human Reef supports team leaders to build cross-functional teams, to create a collaborative environment and to stimulate cross-team collaboration. Human Reef engages all employees for using their talent and taking the actions that will move progress, resulting in the achievement of common goals that are really important, despite the rush of the day.

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Human Reef revolutionizes how talents are utilized and organized within medium to large knowledge heavy organizations.

It is the most powerful and human-centric solution for organizations to organize themselves around their talent and capabilities. Build and simulate virtual teams. Engage the right people. Share knowledge. Manage innovation. Optimize searches and increase company capabilities.

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