Implementation of organizational agility* made easy accessible and affordable for all

*Agile way of working, Agile(HR), Sociocracy(S3), Implementation of Agile-proof HR software,...

(Remote) Agile coaching and advice

We offer you spot-on, personalized, and affordable Agile advice and coaching right when you need it.

We can help you, whether you are looking for coaching & advice for:

The implementation of Agile HR software
Organizational agility and agile teamwork
Agile HR
Agile models such as Sociocracy (S3)

Why would you need Human Reef?

Recent research has shown that 47% of all transformations to more agile organizations fail. We can help you to avoid this and make your transformation to an agile way of working a success.

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We offer you the most actionable, accessible and affordable solution to help you move forward on your journey towards an agile or sociocratic organization.

Tailored to your needs

We support you with the coaching and advice you need, tailored to the needs and maturity of your organization.


Whether you are a small team of just a few people or a big firm of over 500 people we can help you with while respecting your budget. Our plans start at 95€ per month.

Based on real-life, broad experience

You can count on real-life life experience and broad expertise in agile and agility. Whether you need advice on organizational agility, agile teamwork, agile HR or agile operating model such as Sociocracy (S3), we are here to help.

Easy accessible & professional

You can get spot-on coaching and advice right when you need it, from the right, professional coaches, in just a few clicks.

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