We make your people take real ownership

For the purpose of your company and the positive impact that needs to be created in our world.

The Human Reef Operating Model

The Human Reef operating model helps you enable a fundamentally new way of organizing work, with the help of technology.

"The reason why people do not seem to take ownership is because the system does not allow them to do so".

The operation model makes your people take ownership and thrive in complexity and uncertainty by:

Giving people the opportunity to post initiatives and ambitions, related to what they think is needed
Creating transparency for people to self-organize around initiatives and ambitions.
Matching the right talents to the right initiatives and ambitions
Making visible the fluid and role-based organisation that emerges

Why would you need Human Reef?

Recent research has shown that 33% of all employees quit their jobs due to boredom and that only 29% of all employees are happy with their development opportunities.

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