Unhide the teams and roles within your matrix, 'Spotify-like' or any other kind of fluïd organization.

Unlock the power of your people by making all your teams visible and your roles valuable, so your people feel appreciated and your retention boosts.

Meet Victor

He is the manager of a boutique consulting company with high-skilled workers. Knowing who does what on a regular basis is almost impossible due to new teams and roles that arise day by day.

Human Reef helps him to discover new teams and roles, to connect with his people and to have a clear view of the bigger picture on where the company is aiming for.

"The most-engaged employees work together in ways companies don’t even realize."

Marcus Buckinghan and Ashley Goodall

What is Human Reef?

Human Reef boosts retention and employer advocacy by enabling leaders to implement a fluïd organization in which talents get the opportunity to thrive.

We do this by offering advice and software that facilitates talents :

To grow, based on their talents and ambitions.
To take ownership for the purpose of your organization.
To get appreciation.
To self-organize around the work that needs to be done.

Why would you need Human Reef?

Recent research has shown that only 16% of all employees are fully engaged. This number doubles if they are on a team. It more than doubles again if they strongly trust the team leader.

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