We enable highly effective teams within a future-fit organisation, through a smart design.

As experts in organisation design and team development we help you to meet your goals, delight your customers and boost your employee satisfaction through the enablement of highly effective teams.

Meet Victor

He is the manager of a tech company with high-skilled workers.
Knowing how to make his people collaborate the best way possible and how to develop an agile organisation without harming learning and innovation is one of his biggest challenges.

Human Reef helps him to organize work within teams and roles, to connect with his people and to create a clear view of the bigger picture on where the company is aiming for.

"The most-engaged employees work together in ways companies don’t even realize."

Marcus Buckinghan and Ashley Goodall

What is Human Reef?

Human Reef helps your business flourish by enabling leaders to implement the right team or organisational structure in which talents get the opportunity to thrive.

We do this by offering advice and software that supports leaders:

To facilitate teams to self-organize around the work that needs to be done.
To grow their businesses, based on engaged talents and inspiring ambitions.
To make people take ownership for the purpose of the organisation.
To make people feel appreciated for the effort they deliver.

Why would you need Human Reef?

Based on a study of Deloitte we know that organisation design, done well, can make a significant improvement in performance, because it amplifies the alignment of the organization to its strategy. It can improve speed to market and customer experience. And it can go a long way toward trimming costs.

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